Friday, April 30, 2010

About Glossy Covers and Sweet Words

Glossy covers and Sweet words
Today it’s all about good packaging. I go into the mall and survey the many cartons lined up for perusal. The nondescript dull plastic bag that contains equally good stuff does not attract many hands while the high priced glossy bright carton does!

Tell me why?.....?
Advertisements are
more about neat storylines, star presence and jazzy graphics, and
less about product usage or product features?
Schooling is
more about how well a teacher can capture student attention and
less about what curiosity the student brings?

What is said becomes more vital than what is actually felt?

A child tells his mom...I want to watch TV more time. The mom is various magazines and articles that she must cover her thoughts with glossy packaging
She must u think that is right?
or say..I think it is time for you to read/sleep
or suggest...maybe you can draw a picture for me instead.
A plain YES or NO is replaced with – so many sweet words...May be it would be nice to … blah blah?
We do them disservice.
We have got this generation used to exquisite packaging. Life will teach them the hard way that content is more important that cover.
Then they will look for us … to question and to blame.
We better have a glossy cover ready!

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