Monday, September 27, 2010

Endnote or Journey

As a kid I raced through my Enid Blytons and Agatha Christies eager to know what happens in the end of the journey. Then one day in Calcutta at Modern High (my Alma Mater) my teacher assigned us the task of writing a page summary of each chapter. The book she chose was Oliver Twist. (You can read it here online). I began the assignment with reluctance and was gradually hooked to the wit, the depth of description and the many lanes through which the great writer has us travel. I learnt to enjoy the journey.

Modern High - Calcutta

I recall this as we watch our favourite serial Balika Vadhu. As the concluding tune comes we debate on how it will all end. I want lunch on my table without my getting off this computer! The kudos without the hard work. The milestone without the trek. The focus is so strongly on the end that the journey becomes a pain to be endured.

When I tell you that last week my niece bagged a seat in a prestigious institute ... that is like getting the end of the serial without watching the precursors. It surely is more exciting to be a part of the anxious waiting process. Only we are so busy being anxious we forget to delight in the moments of the journey.

'Like I said, the journey is more fascinating'.

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