Friday, June 17, 2011

The SEARCH button

We look before and after and pine for what is not
said Percy B Shelley ....

Do you think, like me, he had some half remembered phrase troubling him? or may be a song that came to his throat but not to his lips?

That was because he had no Search Engines to help him out.
GOOGLE is my favourite search engine. I need to type in anything and it dives into the ocean of online material and finds it for me.
When I type in the wrong spelling, it is forgiving and suggests you mean???
When I am in doubt, it is so supportive, guiding me to essays that discuss similar issues
When I am bored it surfaces with games, articles and even things to do...
I know the actors I dont know the movie name
I recall half a line in a poem
I know the story but can't place the title of the book...err I dont know the author too
A historical fact...but I get the city wrong
A shop I am nostalgic about
A small waterfall in the western ghats
A bird with blue feathers and yellow beak
GOOGLE SEARCH helps locate them all for me.
I find it offers to do the same in my BLOG!!
I have added a search engine inside my blog.
I tried it. I typed the word together and believe me...I was shocked! I never knew I used that word so often...
Do try it. and tell me
which word did you try?



  1. 'Bangalore' - could it be that you use this more often than 'Delhi' ;)


  2. 'book'.. 25 blogs! :) i think i have found the winning word!

  3. hehehe.. we are birds of the same feather akhi. i tried 'book' as well. so am going to share your giant trophy now :)


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