Thursday, June 9, 2011

Star shaped idlis

About not having idli stands in the kitchen sink

Can you smell it? The aroma of steaming idlis fills the room. We have raw-mango chatni on the side and a dollop of ghee melting over the idlis. Now I am not particularly fond of idlis. I am Dosa person. Making Idlis also means a lot more things in the kitchen sink …. a lot more things to be washed, dried and kept away. Still … here in my vacation home I decide to make idlis.
Idli recipe... I use. One cup udad dal is soaked and ground. 3 cups idli rawa is added and ground. Ya, I like to grind that too. I add some salt and leave it in a warm place overnight. This morning, I see, the idli batter has lived up to expectation and risen well.
Now I hunt for the idli stand. OOps! Horror!! I have no idli stand. Yes, yes, I know…I should have thought of this before I soaked the dal……..
Now what?
I pour 6 laddles…yes you read that right six laddles… of idli batter into a flat chapatti-dabba. I place the dabba in a large vessel of water. And steam it for 20 minutes on low flame.

I scoop out the flat round idli and cut out pizza slices! My MIL gives the two slices on her plate a funny look. Takes a bite and says…mmm this tastes good too. Give me one more.
I did not make star shaped idlis. Another time maybe?
 Does the shape of food add to its taste?


  1. It's been a long time since I made ildis, this post makes me want to make idlis :)

  2. hahaha!! this also makes for easier idlies! maybe i will try it next time! yash will be happy to sing happy birthday and cut an idli cake!! :)


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