Saturday, July 30, 2011

Make a to do list

About a note pad and a pen

The soothing aroma of roasted rava cooking with green chillies, ginger and fried onions wafted into the air as the lid came off the frying pan. I tenderly spread grated coconut and stirred it to perfection… like Sanjeev Kapoor (I like to imagine)
Not AGAAAINNN …. The twin alaap of my daughters broke into the faultless TV moment. You always make upittu. Every DAY we have upittu.
Hey! I say and march them to this list stuck behind the door ... 

organising the kitchen
Look! I make rava only on Wednesdays… and last Wednesday you had rava halwa with hirekai-bondas…so don’t you…
Whaaat? You made a list for this too? They look at me like I have developed two antennas or sprouted purple hair. But yes. I adore making lists…
Why I like making lists:

  • It brings tasks into immediate focus making me aware of what I can do with the day.
  • I can prioritize them
  • I can assemble things required to complete a task ….. And if I need to make one more list for that, yippee!
  • There is a satisfying finality in striking off Job-Done from the list … burp!
  • When plans are only in the head I fail to see the shortcomings (in time allocation, material, skill, information) and the flaws crop up at inopportune moments leading to stress and discomfort. Andrey only if you have planned baby-corn pakodas will you buy the baby-corn…. else you make do with bread.
  • I can consult others if their cooperation is required … I am coming at 6, are you free?
  • When a list is made I cannot cheat. I can see what remains pending.
  • Come to think of it…the last Advantage is actually more of a Disadvantage!
  • I can see that nowadays it takes me longer and longer to fill the Things-To-Do note pad! I am pathetically under-worked.
  • On a more serious note, making lists requires concentrated planning. It demands my complete attention.
  • It gobbles precious minutes from an over loaded schedule (Well. It used to when I was working and my kids and mom were at home)
  • One can get quite ambitious and put a lot more into the list than can be done in a day. That can get pretty stressful…!!

Making a list

To tell you the truth, I am a big fan of making lists. shopping list, to-do list, where's what list, wish list, topic list .... and list of what to list!!
Are you a list-fan too?



  1. hey! did u notice u made 2 lists in this post! ;)

  2. ha ha ha

    How had I missed this one!!!
    I like my bullet points too.... and a tiny check box at the end of each job, which gets colored when the job is done! Ah! The satisfaction to see all the boxes coloured at the end of the day!
    I have a ward diary at work in which my Jrs have to color all the job boxes at the end of the day!! Else they will not get a bite of my savoury onion rolls :)

    So, enjoyed this piece of writing...


  3. And yes, I am pinching your list ...
    The one about meal/snack and laundry....



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