Monday, September 19, 2011

Over the Atlantic

As a teenager i waited in eager anticipation when my uncles and cousins from the US visited us. We  planned a week in advance the saree or SKD we would wear to receive them at the airport!!!
All that seems like a different life!
'We flew over the Pacific', 'We crossed the Atlantic' 'Took a stop-over at Hongkong' they said nonchalantly and i gaped in wonder. For the whole language seemed so strange. Conjuring up for me adventure and unpredictability.
Today I will indeed be crossing over the Atlantic in one long 15+ hour flight to reach Chicago ... on the same day! We travel west so we keep flying into yesyterday!
There are some yesterdays i would happily fly into
and some that i would fly past!!
so wish us safe journey
and happy stay.
i will bring you my frank perception of the BIG, BOLD and HAPPENING Uncle Sam.
My mind is an alarming mix of thrilled anticipation and fluttering apprehension.
O the traps of worry ... we all know its a waste of time
but ... dil to baccha hai ji, and always thoda caccha hai ji.

We'll keep thinking of you India Gate. ... And will be back soon.
gtg. gotta make chakkalis

india gate


  1. Happy travels then! Looking forward to your updates.


  2. Safe journey and have a great time ma'am:) Looking forward to reading your views..


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