Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chuck E Cheese

About our trip to America
Yesterday we went to Chuck-e Cheese.  Chuck e cheese to kamal ki cheez hai.
 My grandson was jumping in his car seat the moment we turned into that area. He knew where we were heading!
Just as we enter there is an attendant at the door. He holds a kind of stamp in his hand and presses it gently on the back of our left palm. We cannot see it but he has printed a number. When a child it taken out of the place he checks the number on the palm with an infra red reader and allows the kids out only if they are accompanied by an adult with the same number! A neat way of ensuring safety.
Yash leads the way here. He marched up to the chip counter and dutifully held a paper cup...waiting for his mom to feed in dollars and buy chips at the vending machine. He is given a few to hold while his mom keeps the rest in another paper cup.
Yash drags us to the bowling alley first. He puts in a coin in the slot and rolls the real ball on the small alley. from here a virtual screen picks up the game. the virtual ball rolls down the virtual alley and breaks the bowling pins! yeah! his hands go up in joy as he gets a near STRIKE! Coupons roll out and are faithfully collected.
The place has about 50 such games. we try deal/no deal, then we try the number wheel and then the racing cars and then basket ball, and dropping coins......hahaha we freak out with the kids there and collect coupons! after an hour Yash is ready to go home. He knows the fun is not over! Its time to feed the coupons into the coupon reader.

O. he just loves this. You must see the serious concentration with which he accomplishes the task and then clicks on the button to print the redeem voucher. There are tables and pizzas and beverages are available. but we are not interested. there's yummy kootu, palya, sajjige and onion pakoda at home.
so we rush back. stopping only to pick up a typically American Bowl of ice cream.

O this ice cream place was fun too!. he rolled Yash's blue ice cream into a ball and threw it to his assistant who caught it neatly in a cup and presented it to Yash with a flourish. hahaha
that was neat!

A safe warm place where kids can have fun and adults relax over a pizza.
i like it.

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