Saturday, October 1, 2011

A log cabin - Smoky Mountains

About our trip to America

We got to the Smoky Mountains through Gatlinburg.....passing through Sevierville and Pigeon Ford. The banks on either side of the road has neat landscaped greens, the tall pine trees are held back, at a distance from the national highways. The Smoky Mountains are tall mountains covered by the thick forest of pines and other hard trees. In October the leaves change to a fascinating range of oranges and reds and yellows before steep and strong winds blow the leaves away.
In September. the trees are still green with a naughty few here and there flaunting their colours before time. Wisps of clouds play about the mountains .... looks like appalchian Raja is busy smoking a pipe!! Perhaps this is what gives the place its name?
fall colours begin at Smoky Mountains

Turn right into wiley oakly road ....... she tells us patiently. and like good school kids we listen to her and turn right into wiley oakly road. The road is winding round the mountainside and we again come to a crossroad. we are busy chatting and go right ahead.
recalculating....... she scolds us. and then... not giving up on us, tells us again...
go straight, look for the three way sign and turn right on piney butt road
this time we pay attention and ahaa we find the log cabin.
The small GPS that locates a log cabin in the middle of smoky mountains ... right upto the doorstep amazes me.
Green Leaf log cabin...where we spent two wonderful days

This log cabin is convenient, exclusive and so well equipped.
we cook

we play

we soak

and we swing.
go higher...go higher

we got soooo comfortable here, we didnt stir out till afternoon!



  1. Nice. On the lack of 'shorgul' you mentioned earlier, that's the first thing that strikes me everytime I return from India. The traffic sounds, people talking, kids crying, the blare of music from the autorickshaw's sound systrem above and beyond the general cacophony....


  2. hey! the pic on the swing is really nice! hadnt seen that!!


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