Friday, November 11, 2011

It works! Let's try it. & make it norm

About our trip to America

Copy exactly
This is the Intel line. But this seems to be the model everywhere in the US.
we went for a walk in San Jose from my brother's house. we strode briskly for 15 minutes, taking a left here and a right there. Then we decided .. enough ...let's go home. it's getting cold. we did the reverse route. but
hey! where's the house? is it this? every house here looks the same! did we see this bush with so many roses? and since roads have names and not numbers we trudged up and down for another 20 minutes till
aaah! we found the road... and then the house! shhh dont tell anyone. my sister-in-law had warned me
dont get lost...and i had laughed at the suggestion. me? get lost?

Most expensive row houses - San fransisco

Improve everything
but this copy exactly is a boon in large shops. they are so similar, you've seen one you can find your way in them all.
to apply serious thinking to get a perfect model
and then to do exactly the same thing every time ...since it works so well
but to be open to new ideas
so that if a better idea crops up, that can be tried
and then the idea is copied exactly.
i wish we could have that discipline. i would love to see this discipline in India.


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