Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All's well that ends well

Ajit bent down and peeped frantically into every auto rickshaw that sped by. uff-ho ... he muttered to himself. this one is also occupied.  He was in this mess because the car had gone for repair.
No actually...he was in this mess because he had forgotten to book a cab. Arre he knew the car was in the garage, he knew had this 9 O'Clock meeting. He should have booked a cab na?
He bit his nails - no not actually...but metaphorically - in the auto as they trundled towards office.
And of course it had to happen today! the lift was out of order.
Ajit huffed his 180 pounds up the stairs ... and heaved to his cabin. He glanced at the cell phone ... it was 10 minutes past 9! He was scr***
The office boy came and said - Saab, Bada Saab told me to tell you.... Meeting is at 11.
Ajit beamed, deposited his laptop on the table and went for a coffee..
All's well that ends well.

All is well the ends well -  is a line of consolation ... a method of cheering oneself.
You know you messed up big time. You goofed up with the organizing. You did not work according to plan. Your tongue did not mirror your thoughts. Still somehow things work out. And the result is what the doctor ordered. The postponed meeting is just the ticket you are looking for!

A generation ago we agonized over the MEANS. We paid more attention to the HOW.
Even though Ajit made it to the meeting, his dad would shake his head in disapproval. Tch Tch This is not done, he would say.
Generation Next is realistic. To a greater extent it lives in the present. without giving much importance to the baggage. We only want to know finally what happened?
The time for this proverb is truly here. Today we believe this -
All's well that ends well.

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