Saturday, March 3, 2012

April showers bring May flowers

The proverb ASbMF displays English sentiments. In parts of Ireland, Scotland and UK the weather in April changes from warm sunshine to icy sleet in a day. The April showers are a continuous thing offering little respite. Suddenly in May the clouds part, the sun shines through and the flowers blossom. It must be an absolutely amazing experience. Aaaah! They gasp. All that wait and suffering was worth it. How beautiful the land looks!

Perhaps the first to use this phrase was Geoffrey Chaucer in about 1400. Chaucer writes in the Prologue to Canterbury Tales, When the April showers, and the blossoms of May have given way to mellow June ... only Then will the pilgrims begin to move.

The turn of every season brings on happiness and hope. (Man is such a creature of change!!)
In India a rain is always welcome. So perhaps we do fail to understand the grouse they may have against April showers! Still, too much rain, means clogged drains, flooded streets and damp socks ... this can be quite painful. In Delhi we have our own treasure of May flowers. They are called GOLDEN SHOWERS!

cassia fistula - amaltas - yellow shower

Our friend Ajit, roped in a trusted peer and managed most of the office work, took his wife to an evening out, and on the way home visited his friend's baby. Yesterday was April Shower...but he lived it through and
Look at him now, bibi khush, baby ka baba khush and boss bhi khush
Today it is May flowers indeed!

My father had sound advice... this specially on the day I brought home my report card.
Kai kesaradare bai mosaru ... a proverb in Kannada that literally translates to ... if hand gets marshy, mouth gets curd!! A diligent farmer reaps a good harvest and lives well.
This too shall pass ...
  • Do your harsh duties today and the good times will come.
one more picture of Golden shower
amaltas - yellow canopy in May

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