Monday, May 28, 2012

we did not see it coming

the tests all show Normal
or nil
or none

no BP ... no sugar ... no cholesterol ... even the lipid profile - says nil and normal
he was not on any medication for any ailment. took the recommended 45 minute walks everyday. spent 20 minutes on the exercise-cycle 4 times a week. was a contented family man, happy to be professionally busy
yet he was snatched away from us at 63.with no time for even a goodbye.
under the very eyes of the cardiac specialist. on his way back from a busy day at court.
it is a massive cardiac arrest ma'am, they tell me. sorry.

what a fine way to go
they tell me
no pain
no suffering

perhaps the time of birth and death are predetermined?
what we do is to improve the quality of our life?
all our struggle, is to make the best use of the time given to us?

if our longevity is measured by the way we live our life
and not by the number of years we live
i could safely say
he lived to be 100


  1. We did not see it coming.

    The long and strenuous hike at Yosemite. The football game at LA. The safari park. Big trees. The bottle of wine. Enjoyed every minute.

    Seems like yesterday, 30 years ago, when we met in Delhi and he said he would one day practice in the Supreme court. He did.

    Maybe he is not around, but he is not going anywhere.


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