Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cardiac symptoms we tend to ignore

The doctors can revive a failing heart, they can detect a murmur in the heart,
there are pacemakers to help the heart keep up the beat and
able surgeons use various techniques to help us live better, longer.
but the most important part of all this
is that we need to go to the doctor
in time
well yes, I do believe that Life and Death are beyond the control of man
yet I suggest that if a loved one has more than 3 of these symptoms at the same time ... do consult a cardiac specialist ... for a routine check up. We did not, and paid dearly for it.
These are symptoms...some the doctors suggested i put in... some i notice in hind-sight.

  • hands and feet exceptionally dry (we attributed it to the delhi winter)
  • stomach upset (we attributed it to eating out)
  • serious demeanor, not feel like talking (we attributed it to an important professional assignment) 
  • exceptional deep slumber at night (surely nothing to complain about?)
  • a general apathy or disinterest in whats happening around 
  • loss of weight 
  • avoid going for the walks/workouts/meets that one is used to
  • an unusual sense of confusion 

If you find more than 3 of these ...  go for a routine cardiac check up.
Have a great life.


  1. This is a good list. Very useful. Very real. Yearky cardiac checkup + 'lipid profile every six months' is a good idea. When I had a heart attack, many (over 20)of my friends went and got a check up and almost 75% of them had to go for angio or bypass to shut off the ticking timebomb inside. Saved their life.

    Thanks for posting, R. I will pass it on to many.

    1. o yes. do pass it on. I specifically make this list because ... Strangely, a lipid profile done just 6 months before the cardiac arrest showed normal cholesterol levels.

  2. This list makes me think outside of 'medical hat' ......Else easily passed as mild depression
    Some 'feelings' (symptoms) so not explained medically.....
    Goes to say, how much ever is in our 'control'

    Love to you athige


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