Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ice on branches

The changing scenario in this land -USA- constantly fascinates me. With every change in the temperature, season, wind or cloud the scenario changes. In the few months that I have been here, I have seen Nature going from verdant green to glowing orange to bare essentials.
And today I pull up the blinds on my window I peer out and hold my breath.

Small icicles hang from the branches that brush against my window pane. The gentle drops catch the sun and make a naughty sparkle. A particularly sharp glitter catches my eye. And I run to get the camera.

And while I am admiring the beauty of it all, my daughter braves the chill winds as she struggles to scrape the ice off the car.

The doors are stuck, the windscreen has frosted and the mirror has icicles 4 inches long ... that my grandson is thrilled to pluck off one by one!

As the day progresses the sun weaves its magic on the shiny crystals. The tree opposite my balcony acquires a dainty radiance in frank contrast to the steel like rigidity of the pine tree close at hand.

I enjoy it all from the warm comforts of my heated home.



  1. hahaha! love the pictures! not the ice!

  2. ha ha ha
    Agree with Akhila!

    A loves to look at the patterns the ice has made on the window and he thinks I am missing something in life!!! by driving and not looking at the ice patterns........
    The best part of this write up is the last sentence :)



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