Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Actually I bought this because...

Why are we so apologetic about being able to afford things? Here in Bangalore I suddenly notice that we are uncomfortable with our affordability!

  • yenu andrey... my old car was giving me too much problem. So I bought a new one. I did not want to change the old car. But what to do...
  • That cell phone was good only. My husband got me this one as a surprise gift. I told him why???
  • We always go by train. This time we decided it is OK, we will go by flight. Also time saving you know...
Cut to most parts of Delhi Punjab and etc. The conversation changes rapidly
  • What did you buy for Diwali? Guess what! I got my first beamer. They didn't even consult me for the colour yar. (sshh that's because it's used-car)
  • I have iphone . How do you manage with this? (she has only borrowed it for the party)
  • I wonder how people go by train. It's so dirty!!! (after their first flight)

Perhaps it has a lot to do with how we want others to perceive us? We take to our mantras like we take to air.
Be it
Simple Living High Thinking.
Live it up. Make it Large.

We can't do without it!
it's us!
Enjoy a fabulous Deepavali. Lots of light or lots of boom?

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  1. LOL!!!
    I too wondered why people are so apologetic for having bought themselves something!!!
    How does it matter in anyway to the person listening :P

    Enjoyed this athige


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