Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Take a bow ... thankyou ... thankyou ...

The day someone threw an insult instead of a rock civilisation was born….or something to that effect, said Freud. Let me add a gyan line of my own.
The day a child did a cute thing to win some claps ambition was born. We never grow out of that childhood do we? All our striving is for accolades. There are basic 4 questions that mould our lives
How big is the thirst to win accolades?
How many do you want to impress?
Whose clapping do you seek?
Whose look of admiration will give you a high?
The answer to these 4 questions decides who you are. When we reach a decision making point, whether it is a career you need to choose, a dress you need to pick or a life value you are to fix on - all decisions are based on our intrinsic answer to the basic 4 questions.
The thief, the juggler, the businessman and the sportsman, are what they are- so different from each other - because their answers to the basic 4 questions are different.
We always perform to a clapping. We really never grow up. Do we?

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