Why Jump-to-fly?

Why call this blog JUMP TO FLY? Hey, ‘glad you asked. I would love to share the story with you.

As a high school teacher in Bangalore I had energetic effervescent students teeming around me. Not the typical blackboard-and-chalk kind, I was more the newspaper reading, story telling, bring a poem and play a game kind of teacher. Still it was the familiar environs of printed matter and good old hand written essays.

Then a break arrived in the form of storyboard creation and content development and project managing in an e-learning company. The amazing world of internet opened its doors to me. It unlocked whole new avenues for learning and creation.

Suddenly I quit all that and my husband and I moved to Delhi.

We invested in a printer-scanner, a PC and installed broadband. I was introduced to the world of blogging and I decided to start my very own blog. It may not sound a great deal to you. But trust me, leaving the confines of selected academic content and selected committed audience was indeed a big jump.

Guess what. Windows would like to modify my blogging to clogging? flogging? slogging? Is that prescience or what?

Would I fall flat on my face? Would anyone be interested in reading what I type and send out into the overwhelming cyber space? What could I add that had not been said a zillion times in a thoroughly more efficient style? I had to brace myself. I had to up my confidence levels. Hence I optimistically call my blog: Jump To Fly

Does that find an echo in your heart?

Would you like to take a leap into some new world? Would you like to experiment?

I am so glad.


Let us jump to fly.