Monday, May 30, 2011

But that is not a wart

Husband : I love you...but...What’s that growing on your face

Wife : touching her forehead…here?

Husband: No no, below that

Wife: alarmed…feeling her chin….where? what is growing?

Husband: No yar! There between your eyes

Wife: Oh! That. !!…

So nice of you to accept me wart and all

So wonderful that our relationship has moved to this level

But pardon me, that is not a wart…that is my nose.

  • Suman gets up at 4 in the morning to read her novel
  • Pratish jogs barefoot
  • Naveen cleans the toilet when he wants to think
  • Vasudha pours tomato sauce over her bowl of fruits

 Pardon me

 These are not warts…..

 This is them.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Warts and all

Warts and All
The first time I saw this expression I fell for it. Totally. Good relationships are not really so fragile. Revealing the real you – warts and all- requires courage. But the honestly it is worth it. It takes away the stress of pretence with loved ones. And leaves a warm glow of understanding and acceptance.

Accepting each other - warts and all- means that there is conviction in the relationship. Be it the relationship shared by parent-child, husband-wife, or among friends. We get to love the person along with his/her bad temper, or scattered wet towels or embarrassing loud sneezes…

Go for it.

Talk about one wart and see how the relationship handles this one. You will be surprised at the relief that flows in.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

we saw what you did

I am back
Have been so caught up with myself that I couldn't blog. that is so bad.
but do keep reading me
yesterday I watched this seeta-kalyanam program on TV in the channel shankara. The prog ran for 40 minutes. The camera person has shot the audience just once. and the editing person used the same audience clip once every 7 minutes to add variety to the otherwise purely on stage activities.
There was this lady in a bright blue saree who peered into her mobile and read-typed in-and sent a message.
So every seven minutes while all others seemed engrossed in the Seeta Kalyanam here was this lady in a blue saree ignoring all else, and peering into her mobile!!

there is a gentlemen who we always only at the bangalore matter whether we are flying in or flying out! does he live there? maybe he thinks we do???

Four years back I met a lady when I was going thru some real health problems. Even to this day, whenever we meet she asks me ... how is your health now!! huh?

is that called branding?
doesnt it happen all the time? one meeting, one mail, one goof up, one monotonous conversation and we are ready to form permanent assessments.

may be thats why they say
this moment
is what we have to show the world what we are?

aaah! toooo much

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day

About the bundle of contradictions called Mom

This Year Mother's Day is on May 8th.
I recall that once Achu had sent this huuuge basket of flowers to office. I was thinking God what a lot of trouble and expense she has incurred...
But the day turned out so different. Colleagues stopped at my desk to admire the flowers. A few graphic-designers had not heard of Mothers Day and liked the concept. They called home just to say Hi to Mom. One of them took home a cotton saree. Another took his mom to her favourite temple.

A Pink carnation
 Some are this and some are that

Funny, forgiving, fretful
Embarrassing, exasperating, eager
Silly, stylish, sweet
Curious, caring, or quite disinterested
Some are this and some are that
Mothers are all this and more!!! (Only to our kids)
My mom is
and so am I 

I have never wished my amma happy-mothers day. It really seems so strange to do that. My amma is now far away from the country of her birth, a country in which she spent seven decades. She is enjoying a peaceful life in her son's house in the US. There is really not much she can do to help around the house...not many people she knows there ... not many guests who drop in ...but she tries to be occupied. She has taught us to face facts. She has taught us to be ruthlessly honest...for finally truth saves.

This is a baby sweater she has just completed. It is for a grand-niece she has not yet seen. The photo is taken by my brother's daughter Vibha.

hand knitted baby sweater
Anna Jarvis in 1908 suggested that the Second Sunday of May every year should be Mothers Day - a day to celebrate our Mothers. A coloured carnation is worn to show that she is alive and a white one to show that she is no more.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My cutting board

About looking for things that are actually right under your nose - after all

Early this morning I reached for it ... the chopping board ... that is ... and did not find it there. I mean I always stand it over the tap, leaning against the wall, allowing the water to drip into the sink, while the chopping board dries. But today it's not there.
I hunt over the counter
mutter at the maid and
look in the draws
I even crouch to see under the cupboard and
pull open the crockery cabinet
and finally I give up and begin to rinse the coffee mugs ...that is when I find it.
Right there on the drain board, leaning inconspicuously against the side wall of the same colour.

my chopping board

Sometimes we just dont get it
When we are caught up with our habit formed presumptions...
We look for time tested slots into which we automatically put
And when it does not fit, we are lost.
I must remember
Not all cutting-boards are on the tap leaning against the wall dripping into the sink
Warts and all

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TOYs will be toys and BOYs will be boys

About letting a Toy be just that

Have you seen these?

A rattling drum that goes tak-tak-tak while you pull it
A leaf folded tight to become a pipi, a whistle that you could make tunes on
A paper folded in a particular way to open to raja-rani-chor-police at different times

In our drawing room yesterday a six year old got a cricket bat as a gift. He used it as a broom and as a scooter and finally as gun. His mother was totally embarrassed … and prodded her son … how does Dhoni hit? How does Sachin hold the bat? My son...he watches World Cup and IPL...she gushed...
The kid was least bothered! And continued to alternatively sweep and ride with a noisy brrrr
Wait! Finally she took away his bat saying that if he did not play ‘properly’ he would not get the toy. Huh? ‘Properly’ and ‘Toy’!! I thought terms were mutually exclusive.

Today’s kids have so many toys and yet they are bored easily. That becoz you need to play with them in just THAT way. Hand made toys like ones mentioned above are more fascinating? We played with them for weeks. Were they fostering more imagination or were we plain stupid?
Kids need room for innovation. They need more games with NO rules.

I browse through TED talks. I find this amazing teacher Arvind who combines village toys with science teaching.
 Here is the link. Watch till the very end. You will be smiling long after the video has stopped.
Children want to make things, children want to do things
The best thing you can do with a toy is break it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Mighty Tree

About interdependence

This is a sturdy and happy tree,
With flowers and fruits on branches three
Animals and birds come here to feed,
To rest in its shade. And grow and breed.

They squeak and they squawk
People sit in its shade and talk
So much noise and so much chatter
The tree decides to change the matter.

The tree gives a shake and turns mean
‘Go away! Shoo, from my branches green’
With a sigh and a bye the animals went
‘Why? Aren’t we friends?’ They lament.

A few weeks later....

Branches are bare; the flowers are gone
Bees and squirrels leave the tree alone.
Termites come to attack the tree
They climb up the trunk fast and free

Is the tree happy? Let us look at it now
Where are the leaves? Where is the glow?
The tree is sad, most unhappy too
It longs for its friends, even one or two.

A few weeks later...

‘Come my friends’ implores the tree
‘Sit on my branches, sing and be free’.
A sparrow obliges and chirps two songs
It’s magic! Look! Green leaves in throngs.

Animals, birds, butterflies and bees,
Creepers, herbs, shrubs and trees
Must live together as a one family
Each needs the other to thrive happily.

Mighty Tree

I suppose the tree dint have internet and cell phones

Monday, May 2, 2011

Only Time Will Tell – Jeffrey Archer

Only Time Will Tell 
 Jeffrey Archer

This is not the typical page turner. Only Time Will Tell moves at a sedate pace like an aristocratic carriage in a procession.

Harry Clifton, the only son of a waitress, grows up in the years between the two World Wars. Five people influence his life. Old Jack a war hero, Barrington an unwilling participant, Emma an awkward sister, Giles his dear friend, and Maisie his able and determined mother.

As each member tells his/her part of the story your perspective keeps changing. And even after the story is over you keep wondering about Harry and the turns his life will take now.

Jeffrey Archer throws in snippets of interesting information during drawing room conversations, class room discussions and friendly arguments giving you the feel of the era. (Thanks to extensive research)

This book is not a must-read, but definitely a book that will keep you entertained.

I find that when I am talking I am not learning much...Old Jack

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Grand Wedding

Like a million people around the world I also sat and watched William and Kate get married. I too waited for them to appear on the balcony and make that first kiss as man and wife.

So many people, went through so much trouble. to be there, and enjoy the aristocratic moment. There was absolutely no confusion. Everything went on in clockwork fashion. I felt I was watching a movie with all the blips edited out. Kate's walk was serene and practiced to perfection.

The guests have been waiting in nervous tension too! So much preparation they had made too. Did you see the amazing hats the ladies wore? There was one that reminded me of reindeer horns!! There was this little blue one that looked like a boat! I really wonder how it perched on her hair. So many men carried their little sons on their shoulders. They had a picnic and even cooked and remained there long after the carriage had left. I saw some girls had travelled all the way from South Africa, America and other European countries.

Call me crazy
call me jobless
I sat and watched!