Monday, January 27, 2014

Day Begins

The fabulous aroma of breakfast cooking fills the kitchen. What is it? Coffee-toast or aalu paranthas and chatni or hot idlis with sambar
It is food that your family loves to eat.... or gets to eat. It is food that prepares you for the day.
Take a deep breath. This is your home. This is your kingdom. This is your haven.
What conversation flows in around at this time? I assume it is light banter and crisp instructions, interspersed with desperate hollering and choice name calling?

  • Hi Darling you know what I want to eat for breakfast today?! aaaukch
  • Huh? oh! ok. Run the washing machine I have sorted the garments into it.
  • Puttooo getttt uuuup

Anything is better than eerie silence. For when you hear the voice of loved ones in the morning your heart goes...Oh man!! And the heart plays a teen taal. thakdinadin And it prepares you for the day ahead. But what are you thinking of while you go about the practiced chores of getting ready and breaking fast? It suddenly hits you.
Today is the day you will...
face the client
fire the maid
talk to you teenager
meet the bankers
go for audition
enter the gym
FEAR has a way of catching up. And you suddenly find him sitting next to you. Sipping a cuppa while your throat is parched.
This is STAGE FRIGHT. You don't need to be a singer or have to make a speech to feel stage fright. There are things we put on our to-do list that we know we would rather avoid. But they are there for we know we are supposed to do them. And that's when we face stage fright. Sharpness of breath, tightness in the chest, queasy tummy, throat is dry and legs shake.

the spotlight is on you

Hasn't the bard told us? All world's a stage and men mere players...
We face stage fright everyday. And we do overcome it. We have to. Or the world would move on and we would be dashing after it. We have our own methods
we pretend to be brave
we are pushed by need
we rush into it
we do it through email

Watch this hilarious talk on overcoming stage fright.

and another day begins. Have a good one.  :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

High Fives for Today

An year ends and another begins

Chennai Bengaluru highway

A high five for the new year

A high five ... for work.
More things to crib about, more gossip, more fancy targets? Leading to more self-worth and more income. Aaah bliss

A high five ... for friends and family 
They know you for what you are and love you for it. They know it all, and if at a family gathering they decide to make you the bakra of the've had it. Still, aaah bliss.

A high five ... for beauty and serenity at home
That faded diwan cover, that much used sofa, that steel tumbler that has lost its sheen? It's so good to be home. Aaah bliss.

A high five ... for abundance of water, of greenery, of travel and time with nature 
You may need to travel really far to get to Nature minus man's plastic discards. The setting sun, the singing mosquitoes, the wind on your neck, the dripping nose, the soft sand beneath your feet and in your pockets and eyebrows. Aaah bliss.

A high five ... for noise and silence. 
We need them both. Sometimes we crave for one while we have the other. All this anger, this craving, this sudden receiving, this random disappointment. Aaah bliss.

All the troubles that we call pleasure and the pleasures that we call troubles. May they come to us in bagfuls.
                                                Wish You All a HAPPY NEW YEAR