Wednesday, April 14, 2010

That Makes Two of Us

both wondering, ‘What the hell is wrong?’

She deposited her home building material neatly in place. She just had to look away and lo! It just vanished into thin air. That had never happened before. This was obviously not the first time she was building a home. She had done it very effectively before and she had many successful tales to tell. But this time…things were different...

I hear alarming noises. It has never happened to me before. I know I promised to keep the electricity bill low. But this is not the first time I am breaking the rule of no AC in the afternoon. But this AC acts so strange, like it is telling me 'Hey! You forgot the promise you made to yourself'. It makes loud crackling sound; it fails to cool the room, and appears to have a mind of its own.

Yes that makes two of us wondering, ‘What the hell is wrong?’
So I call the Samsung guys to look into the machine. Guess what we found? We scooped out like a million hard sticks and twigs, collected by madam pigeon to make her nest. The poor dear deposited the sticks on the AC cover only to be sucked in the minute the AC was turned on during the afternoon.
Yes, we rarely observed the noise at night. I wonder why? Perhaps they don’t collect material after 4? For that’s when I would turn off the AC in the afternoon. Bird Watchers! May be you would know.

So now, two of us are happy. I know my AC actually has no mind of its own. And the pigeon is peaceful. The universe has answered her secret wish. The sticks stay where she places them. The smart Samsung guy has placed a ply sheet over the cover! Pigeon problems are not new to Indian cities. So AC manufacturers, why don’t you please provide a cover that will allow in air but not allow sticks collected by our dear feathered home-makers?
Pigeon bhi khush, AC bhi khush.

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  1. Ha ha!! nice story! and nice new style of writing! got confused in the beginning and read it again after it made sense half way through!! :)


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