Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We go before we leave

As kids we grew up in Calcutta and my aunt, whenever we had to go out for long would ask us in a subtle manner, "did you go? we will be leaving in a few minutes..."
and my cousin, who would always leave it till the last minute would rush to empty bladder.
20 years later, I would tell my kids, 'go to the bathroom, we are going to Cubbon park and then for lunch.'
A lady in India will do two important tasks before she locks the door.
check if the gas in the kitchen is turned off, and then 'go' even if she does not really need to!

That is one thing you don't have to do in the US......
go - before you leave
predictably located, predictably arranged, and predictably well equipped with hand-dryers,  water and auto-flush cisterns, the restrooms are in plenty!

On the streets of Boston

but every tap is a learning experience. i wish those would be boring predictable too. some of them would make me look like an unpad gawaar. i place my fingers below the nozzle - nothing
i press down on the bend - nothing
i look for a foot pedal - nothing
i press some lever on the side - i get a spray of soap
now all the more - i need water badly
i rub my hands and hey ..... a refreshing mini-shower bubbles forth.
what did i do right this time? i wonder.

and i go out to buy a coffee. i need not avoid drinking fluids...!! but looking at the size of this "small" serving of coffee......i may need to find one again soon!
You find food there in plenty.........and such large helpings!!!!! a single serving was lunch for the two of us!


  1. I cannot agree more about not having to 'go'.
    Don't have to worry, if it is a long drive for hours together or a visit to the local mall. You 'go' when you have to.

    Glad you have a lovely trip.
    Hope you can make it here sometime...may be next year....



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