Frankly Speaking

I am fifty five years and I am at home now most of the time, having been a teacher and a professional. To tell you the truth I would like to have friends the world over. I am a shameless dreamer. I have interviewed Shahrukh Khan, argued with Obama, given suggestions to leading advertisers, and rewritten movie scripts. One thing I haven’t done is talking to share market analysts. That I have left to the experts in the field.

My family is my life. My husband and I live in Delhi. I have two fine daughters, two caring sons-in-law and an adorable grandson. I am committed to my extended family of uncles, aunts, cousins and inlaws. My students I love. I wish I could meet them more often. My friends mean a lot to me. Paint brushes give me a high. Relationships with all the demands and the complexities fascinate me. Anything creative captivates my attention. I enjoy reading two books at a time but not the heavy literary kind.

In my blog you will find my take on things that happen around us all the time, or things we read about in the newspapers, or things I have heard wise people discussing. I will often throw in a strange thought. I will needle you with suggestions. I might even make you laugh – with me or at me.

You will find some brush and pencil strokes.

Look at my work kindly. And accept me with affection.

Ratna Rao
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