Sunday, January 1, 2012

A new Dawn, A new Year

Blown away by Blown Glass Flowers

Wish you all a wonderful, peaceful and prosperous 2012.
May there be many moments in 2012 that take your breath away.
dawn breaks over a sea of clouds

A testimony to precision and perfection
A taste of abundant love
A lack of fear for dedicated labour
I bring to you a most amazing collection of flowers and leaves and buds. For these flowers and leaves and buds are made of blown glass!

maple leaves made of glass

A thing that takes our breath away, fill us with a hope for the breaths we will take in the future.

berries anyone?

Harvard's unique collection of Glass Flowers bowled us over by their sheer magnitude. 4400 exhibits of over 800 botanical species - made by two skilled artists.

Harvard - glass museum

This collection is at the Harvard Museum at Boston. The entire collection was commissioned by a magnanimous rich lady who was amazed by the sample produced by the artists Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka. I must thank my chickappa Ananthramu for planning to take us here. for if not for him, this moment of wonder and hope for me, would not have happened.

fine fern!

amazing na?

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