Friday, December 21, 2012

Reconnecting the wires

It is 3 weeks since I said hi to you.
Sorry, but hey, you know you are always in my thoughts. Thank you for being such a good friend.
For waiting patiently and giving me my space
For being ready to listen when I am ready to talk
For pinging me again and again ... even when I looked away

I have been tussling with my emotions
It all began with a most tiring chicago airport experience
I convinced myself that after that I was too tired to go for my walks
I switched off from my favourite hindi serials
and then from phone calls
and then from books and blogging
and from the news
And I watched myself slowly going into a state of depression

But hey, that is not a road I like to take
So I decided to jump myself out of it
I started by colouring some pages of my grandson's colouring book
I made lots of upittu!
I cleaned up the house... as if someone was visiting!
I vacuumed, refilled paper towel dispensers
I watched this and this and THIS too 
I played in the ipad
and finally today I made phone calls and am blogging too

suddenly I find that I have so many stories that I want to share with you
so many pictures that I want to upload
And my thoughts are out of the deep freeze and ready to thaw

Lots of wires connected to make these Christmas lights...

at the horse park, lexington, ky


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