Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas lights

I had the most awesome time in San Jose. One of the highlights of the stay was the happening Christmas lights. My brother's neighbour is a festival enthusiast.

  • He does up the house for Halloween .. scary ghosts and black plastic witches sway in the breeze. smoke oozes from a tree, and orange pumpkins sit on the doorstep. 
  • During thanksgiving his house is done up again ... this time multi colour lights wave in and out of tree branches. 
  • By end of November he is up on his roof again. Sparkling rows of white lights hug along the roof eaves, windows and fence. A large balloon snowman and a sparkling reindeer shaking his head welcome us in the front yard.

We drove around the town at see the lights. Almost every home has sparkling lights.
reminding me of Deepavali and the Mysore Palace.

The best houses are listed on the web. We followed the lady's instructions on GPS, and reached the houses. One more spectacular than the other. at one place 6 houses got together to make an awesome presentation, with sound synchronized lighting! to tell you the truth it was pretty garish. but a lot of serious effort and expenditure was put in. This is a different version...but gives you a taste of it

And then we came home. We pulled out strings of white lights. Fixed them on the garage door.
Turned them on. And stood back...Our house lit up.. .. SERIOUSLY
this is the best house

that well lit up home, with rows of sparkling lights.....that is our neighbour

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