Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Journey in Time

Today’s blog is dedicated to two wonderful persons - My uncles Sri Sheshadri and Sri Seetharam. To us they are Doppa and Titi. In fact to family and friends who know them, they are Doppa and Titi.

Their love is not because but their love is.

With them love is not something you earn, it is a blessing you claim as your own.

I feel honoured to be a part of this blessing and to claim it as my own.

Doppa celebrates success at a class exam because you are happy. And if you have not done very well you must be feeling low. So you get a special treat just to cheer you up!

At Doppa’s home the door is always open – to anyone who wishes to drop in and enjoy the warmth of a cup of coffee or an hour of chatter. After an hour of social chat the who guest gets up to leave is engaged at the door in fresh discussions, as if unwilling to let the favoured guest go.

His enthusiasm knows no bounds. He is all willing to take every guest around his Calcutta. He insists on showing off the Victoria Memorial, the Metro and the many other delights that Calcutta has to offer. A visit to New-Market, an indulgence at Flurys, a stop at the lakes and spiritual rejuvenation at Kali-mandir and Belur-Math are must-do’s when a long distance guest arrives.

When we remember that we need to buy a book at 8 in the evening, when we need to go into crowded puja pandals, when we insist that it is time for our treat at Kwalitys, we look to Titi…and it is always a happy YES, OK.

Doppa is now 95. But his charm is most endearing. He has a weak short term memory. But he retains his logic and his concern for all. I had the most wonderful time in Calcutta.
Watch out for more updates.

You see him here minding his one year old great grandson at a local mall. I look forward for an encore of this trip next year.

Titi and Doppa at the Cheshire Home

Doppa with great grandson at the mall


  1. The following Suman Chatterjee classic from the 80s sums up what Calcuatta seems to tell us whenever we visit ...

    "hotath rastay ... office oncholey,
    hariye jawa mukh ... chomke diye bole,
    bondhu, ki khobor bol.. koto din dekha hoyenee "

    Nice blogs ... keep 'em coming ...

  2. hain shotti, koto din dekha hoyenee

  3. Nice pictures! Enjoyed your blog. I am sure your warm words are echoed by every fortunate person who has spent some time with Appa & Titi.

  4. Hello Ratna,

    The very essence of who Appa and Titi are stands out in your blog.Indeed your warm words, succictly expressed, do justice to the many endearing qualities that both of them possess in abundance.

    Keep writing. I do enjoy readind it.


  5. I really liked this write up....So warm...
    Truly amazing and inspiring personality at his age....


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