Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Watching it live

It is much easier to watch a cricket match, a CWG opening, a Wimbledon or a Sonu Nigam night on TV.

It is free. You sit back with a packet of chips. The chair is comfortable. You avoid the noise and the shoving. To top it all, you get a much better view.

Yet lots of people go out there and buy tickets to watch the shows live.

When you watch it there, live, breathing in the atmosphere do you get something more than the mere game-song-event?

  • The thrill, the hope, the energy of live performance?
  • The fun of being the first to see a little something go wrong way?
  • Is it all about… been there, done that?
  • About having a story to tell?
  • Or about …
  • Warm looks passed around on stage?
  • A mistake corrected cleverly?

What makes you buy that expensive ticket to watch it live?



  1. Hi ma'am
    this is Nidhi Bagur from SAMS, B'lore. Even I live in Delhi now. How are you ma'am? Your paintings are awesome! You should have taught art too.

    Now, why i go to live events, mostly rock concerts is for the adrenalin rush. 10,000 watts of PMPO. the energy rush doesn't doesn't die out for days. Can't get that feeling from the TV. :-)

  2. @nidhi, hi, happy to have you join. and yes, adrenalin rush is good!

  3. I guess it is very cathartic to scream and jump and jive in a live performance although I'd stay miles from there.
    But I prefer to go to carnatic concerts. I definitely feel the difference being there in front of the singer and letting her music wash over me with a hundred others in the same mood.
    Many performances on television these days get diluted because of the ad breaks too. They tend to take you away from the mood of the main concert.

  4. @usha,... having a hundred others in the same mood, I have felt that way too at concerts and performances.


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