Sunday, July 31, 2011

What I did not do

Making lists tells you what you have got to do. And there is a satisfying finality in striking off Job-Done from the list… burp. Making lists also tells you what you did not do.

Look at tasks left pending on 10 different to-do lists. Watch for a pattern. Sometimes without being aware of it, we tend to put off a particular category of tasks. Looking for a pattern makes us more aware of our thoughts and fears.

tasks left pending

What tasks are left pending on a regular basis? What always gets left out, postponed, forgotten, dumped?

Is it personal pampering like visits to the beauty parlour, coffee with a friend? (are you neglecting your needs?)
Is it family time? (do you need to re-look at your work-life balance? or attitude?)
Tasks that are too tough? (do you need a knowledge upgrade?)
Or too time consuming? (do you need someone to share work with you?)
Or too strenuous for you? (do you need a medical checkup?)
Social commitments? (are you not interested?)

I wish I knew all this 20 years ago!!
Lists are like mirrors. They say what is, leaving no escape routes! 


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  1. the not done list is always lurking at the back of the mind..... gets pushed away when ever it surfaces!!


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