Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where is everybody??

About our trip to America
We get into the lovely silver grey Nissan. I notice my son in law is at the wheel and he is on the left. Well ofcourse I know that whats right is wrong here and while we keep to the left....or to what's left of the road....  here they keep to the right ... errr while driving the car!

We pass by fascinating green landscaped mounds, large shopping areas, and a choice of eating places. Every shopping area has massive parking lots. SUVs, cars, trucks, pick ups and motorbikes are lined up neatly at attendance.On road cars whizz past us with the regular whoosh whoosh. Clusters of horses and cows are munching on their greens lazily. The array of trees that we see on either side are beginning to change to the fall colours. Look! There's one that turned pink! The slight breeze makes the branches and leaves sway to rhythm of the music that we are playing in the car! ella sari!
....... but WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE???

There is not a soul on the neat pavement. When we are lucky we see families either getting off or getting into cars.

yelliruvey? manava kaduva roopasiye.....


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