Wednesday, November 30, 2011

America-dalli Narayana

My doggy friends in America
My experience with Mowgli, Sassy and Caesar moved me. They know just to love - no questions asked. Their warm backs, soft necks, tender looks, instant energy and frank doting
aaah! A whole new world of joy for me.

Mowgli in San Jose

He looks at me with soulful eyes
And sweeps me off my feet
I come back from a half-hour walk
And he licks my face - like I'm his treat.

Caesar in Chicago 

Expensive dog food is yucky! He ignores it.
And jumps up and down for simple - curd 'n rice.

50 pounds or five, knee high or half way
You guys won me over, before I could say coffee and fries.

Is that why we call him Narayana??

Sassy in Boston
I think thoughts of a large dog at home. But it will remain just that. I am not ready for the hard work.
Would you like to keep a pet?


  1. The best thing is to have a neighnour with pets. Our friends in FFT had two dogs who knew exactly when to come for a cuddle and when to go away ;)


  2. Narayana Namo Namaha !!


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