Monday, November 21, 2011

No jet-lag here

just some connectivity issues.

We got back to Delhi last Tuesday at half past five in the evening. were royally received at the airport and escorted to her home in her new car (her = daughter). we rested, chatted, continued our holiday for some more time and returned home to find that the phone bills were lying unpaid and internet was severed.
it took us this long to sort out the mess.
completely our fault. I don't blame the telephone dept one bit.
but to cut a L S S ... the excited We Are Home post got dampened in spirit.

i have so many narratives in my head. i have so much to share about our US trip
we enjoyed much warmth and care everywhere,
we saw an America that perhaps very few tourists get to see.

but hey, though we travelled right across many time zones, from the east to the west coast and back, we did not experience jet-lag. perhaps this is the reason:
how to avoid jet-lag

  • once you board the aircraft change your watch to the time of destination.
  • change your sleep and food routine to approximate destination time.
  • drink water and juice - no ice! no alcohol!
  • watch movies, listen to music, read, play sudoku,  keep yourself engaged
  • visit the bathroom. but makes sense to avoid the pre-lunch post-lunch rush. i hate to see that red-occupied sign!!
  • have a definite outing plan on the day of arrival to keep you busy. (i went shopping for grocery with my brother!!)
  • or
  • have an energetic two or three year old with you! then jet-lag is a mere luxury!!

The setting sun in Chicago

The evening lights in a big city

The rising sun - somewhere between chicago and delhi

heaven = the smell of baking chocolate brownie ... when you are slightly hungry .. and can wait!

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