Monday, November 7, 2011

San Diego zoo

About our trip to America

We had heard a lot of positive things about the san diego zoo, moreover my brother got an amazing offer of five safari tickets at the so we decided to go for it.

Teenage kids at home shook their head firmly and dipped their nose into their laptops. so we went on an elders only safari! that was the only place we could take my mom. so that was the plan.
My brother's Subaru that we fondly refer to as Subbarao accommodated us all comfortably. My cousin G did not qualify to come with us as she is not yet 50...and so stayed at home with the kids.
The safari is miles before San Diego city. its a fine place showcasing animals in natural habitat. An open tram car takes us around on a 25 minute ride. the lady at the controls keeps us informed and entertained.
the graceful giraffe, the lazy zebra, the buffaloes with large horns, the deer in herds, the condescending lions, two conspiring rhinos chatting across the short wall, and some animals i still dont know the names of ...
we gazed at them all, and laughed at the guides many jokes.

 reticulated giraffe poking their noses into affairs!

What i like is the way it is all showcased. so much thought and effort has gone into giving the visitors the feel of jungle life. The dampness, the woody smell, large leaves, moss, its all there to experience.
A cave that a kid can fit into,
a large concrete weaver bird's nest to take pictures in,
a walkway that weaves into woody areas and
a sudden animal area that surprises us by its presence.
i loved it all. yes, the san diego zoo is worth a visit. But take some kids along!!

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  1. aaah...we missed going to zoo

    We liked the Legoland
    and of course all the various beaches and all the time we spent with my bestest friend who lives in San Diego

    R U visiting Coronado Island?

    Majja maadi - Regards to Raju & Nagaveni Aunty & Uday


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