Tuesday, November 1, 2011

She is coming at 5

About our trip to America

I must tell you about what happened here on Friday. We were all set to leave home for an overnight stay at LA. Suddenly there is this realisation at home.
a crisis of sorts...I kind of gathered
go clean your room........the son is reminded
I'll do the kitchen says my sister-in-law
the hall is mine offers my brother..... clearing things from the dining table.
What's happening? I ask, a little puzzled. 'Norma is coming at 5, soon after you all leave. and I completely forgot', said my sister-in-law, offering an explanation.
O no! and we were going away leaving her with a frolicky young golden retriever too!
I remembered the chaklis i had made for my neighbour Suman when her husband's boss had come for dinner.
and ofcourse that time when Brinda had suddenly come home with her colleagues .... unannounced. we created a record of sorts in clearing up the living room!!!

I pitched in too. I straightened up our room. Picked up magazines from around the house. Puffed up the cushions in the seating area.
and casually asked my sister-in-law who was actually giving me a puzzled look...
How come you haven't brought some fresh flowers? and who is Norma?
Oh! Norma? my sister-in-law said
Norma is the lady who comes twice a month and helps clean the house!!

soon the whole family collapsed in a heap of laughter at me.... with me
but thats a different story!!

but believe me this is a strange country.
i have seen well dressed stylish women wiping around the wash-basin after use in a public restroom.
i have seen men apologising to the cab driver for making him wait.
i have seen cars in two merging lines religiously allowing one from each line to alternately merge.
treat others as you want them to treat you, is a way of life here. atleast so far as their own citizens go.
i would like to see some of this in India too.

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  1. ha ha ha....
    The same happens to me too.....



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