Tuesday, November 29, 2011

To Starbucks and to Coffee

Our trip to America

We had taken the early morning flight to Dallas from Lexington, deciphered the Dallas airport and made our way to the different terminal and the gate to catch the flight to Sanjose. phew! Soon after take-off the flight attendants came by with loaded trolleys. One coffee please - I said. The gentleman gave me a stern look and said, 'madam you have to tell me if you want milk and sugar, or I give it black'. I smiled and nodded. With a flourish he announced, 'One coffee with milk and sugar for the lady'. and handed them all to me ... the coffee, the milk and the sugar.

During our stay in this foren land, my husband and I often ventured out on our own. We packed a mini snack of muffins, Oreo biscuits, or some sandwiches. caught a bus or got dropped off and wandered around. We walked into mom-and-pop shops, sat by lakes, did the tourist stuff, and some wandering around. Starbucks Coffee has been our biding companion during the America stay.

Starbucks coffee was the first purchase we made in dollars. God! their small cup is soooo tall!
After munching on packed goodies we dropped into the stirring aroma of Starbucks coffee
When it got too cold or windy we wrapped ourselves into the nearest Starbucks and sipped a Tall One.
That's where we rested after an elaborate walk-the-mall experience in Lexington
That's where we waited for my brother to pick us at San Francisco
That's where we waited for a friend's daughter at Taylor's Street, Chicago.

One can nostalgic about - the overpowering aroma of rich coffee - the feeling of Youngness that pervades the shop - the chattering line and the wait for turn - the placing of the order - picking up the cup and walking to the counter for milk and sugar - capping on the lid O so perfectly - mmmm I so liked it all
Not that we can't do it all here in India - just that we don't!!

And when I saw this steaming kettle at the Starbucks near City Hall, Boston, my day was kind of made. I hastily put down the hot cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts (more of a Boston thing) that was in my hand to click this one.

steaming brass kettle

They say the kettle weighs 200 pounds. and the steam comes from the boiler of the building. Starbucks just has a retail place here. But I like to think that the kettle belongs to Starbucks!!!!

Get lot more info here The steaming kettle


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  1. talk about complicated coffee orders - small, med or large, caf or decaf!! hot or cold, regular sugar,brown sugar , artificial sweetner and how many!! milk - cream / half and half/ skim!! phew! u need ur own recipe here :)


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