Sunday, November 6, 2011

UCLA Vs Berkeley

About our trip to America

We cheered with the blues and clapped with the CALs.
we are watching a football game. The local UCLA team has many supporters. I see a sea of blue around me at the stadium. Seated in front of us is a fair selection of the energetic fan following. Moms and dads, ex-students, girlfriends, classmates ... 
Our own group has a strong UCLA supporter - reason ... she lives in LA
and a strong Berkeley supporter - reason ... his daughter has threatened him he dare to otherwise! 
My cousin explains the intricacies. Look he's going to throw the ball back. look the quarter back catches the ball.
o there... he is running to the post
the explanation stops. My cousin is way to involved to say anymore. The young man with the ball is soon intercepted.
I expect the fans to weep. But no. getting to that point is no mean achievement. and the crowds stand up and clap.

the cheer leaders come and dance their steps. its all there on big screen. and dads and moms watch their daughters with tears of pride.
the school bands that are the joy of their Alma maters. everybody is waiting when they march to the field at the half-time and play fine tunes.
we munch peanuts, and fries, and glug some cocacola.
we click pictures
we share lots of stories
a fine time of brothers and sisters and their spouses bonding .... we were seeing each other after ages.
that football game was sheer energy. and we enjoyed every moment of it.
down to the bit where we sold off the extra ticket in la calcutta style
instead of dus ka thees (thirty rupees for a ten rupee ticket)
we were saying
thees ka dus.... we sold the ticket of 40 $ at 15. a loss prevention of 25
not bad eh?
a fine an unusual experience of passion for a fine and quick game.
here is a picture

UCLA Vs Berkeley

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  1. Good stuff, I would like to see the rest of the pictures please!



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