Friday, June 22, 2012

Mid week luxury

If Sunday is the first day of the week then how come saturday and sunday is weekend?
so we begin the week from its end?
or do we end the week at its beginning?
that's funny!

OK, guess what I did yesterday!
I had cereal
and slept
I had curd-rice with lemon pickle for lunch
and slept
i got up in time for the 4:30 tea. had it with biscuits. (Suffered) the maid while she did her work
and slept

but i experimented with pasta for dinner. and made some awesome pasta too! A first time for me.
marathon sleep
and pasta

what's the most decadent thing you did? or the most luxurious? or the most relaxing?


  1. hahaha!

    i sat on the recliner for 15 minutes with only 1 interruption and read my book "the help"!! aah! luxury!

  2. A few weeks ago, I woke up to a sunny day, decided to take a day off from work and went over to Kew Gardens. Beautiful day, beautiful garden, the work I didn't miss and a day I shall remember.

  3. i visited the kew garden website. hey this is one aspect of london i didnt know about at all. amazing place.

  4. To take out my car each morning that i need to drive just 5 minutes to get to work.. that too in Delhi!! LUXURY!!


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