Friday, June 8, 2012

The purpose of life

I now wonder
what is the purpose of my life?

life is like a game of 4corners
during the school years,
friends, teachers, books and family make the 4corners (in decreasing order of importance?) ... and the day whizzes by as you race between them.

Then there is marriage
spouse and profession and kids and social circles scramble for attention. So grihast-ashrama (family life) consumes our thoughts and days

Suddenly the day you have been dreaming of arrives all too soon. And the kids leave home for marriage or study or work. Leaving a twosome at home.

Aaaaah! you scream. The house is large, persons only two, but you keep tripping over each other!
and then a vigour sets in...
to relearn each other
to explore new horizons
still the fact is, ... that we do most things
to please each other or
to irritate each other or
to impress each other

and suddenly the only pillar that mattered in life-game of 4corners goes away.
and I now wonder
what now is the purpose of my life?
everything has a reason they say, what then is the meaning or reason of this aloneness?
Have I a job that the Universe has marked for me?
That I am yet to discover?

I hope so. For every life must have a purpose.


  1. Purpose? Yes it reveals itself... in due time. But then, when it is revealed one may not even recognize it even after it is fulfilled. Such is the mystery.

  2. Very Rightly said sir.



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