Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stinking white flowers

Hey ... I am not being rude. I am just telling you.............
We brought this planter with ready-to-grow bulbs and placed it on the window sill and watched it with pride as it grew long green stalks, and sprouted pretty white flowers.
small smelly flowers

Then we walked around the house saying there is something rotting in the house...
we cleaned the trash cans
flushed toilets
cleared kitchen drains
looked suspiciously at each other
Then the three of us walked into the room, looked at the pretty bunch on the window sill and said
yeowww this flower stinks!!!
Paperwhite Narcissus Flowers

But there must be many winged guys, who take one whiff of this fragrance  .... rub their hands, smack their lips and go mmmm yummm yumm ........  and dive straight towards the stinking white flowers!!
Read more about stinking flowers here

Do you know someone you like to gift this one??  wink!

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