Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love and Friendship

Yesterday we went to a restaurant here for dinner. 
The place is done up in punjabi dhaba style. Small mirrors on the wall, hanging lanterns, low seats with roll pillows, bright torans and pottery decor on the tables. We choose a table and sink into the cushions.  Tall glass with green chillies, aam panna and onions in vinegar are placed to tingle taste buds. A young man in green sherwani and embroidered vest  smiles us the menu book. A while after he has placed the platter of starters he comes by to inquire ... happys? and when we are done with the starters he offers ... cleans? He walks with a skip, he serves food with style and clears the table with quiet.
He has made friends with his profession. And he makes dining a happy experience for us.

He respects what he does. He values the comfort of every customer. I am sure he has hopes and dreams. He trusts his work to get him what he desires. RESPECT and TRUST are the basics of Love. 

I notice 
where there is respect and trust - home, office, shop, whatever
there is peace and growth
there is an atmosphere of comfort and acceptance
the mind is free to aspire and climb

I wonder
are respect and trust to be won?
or to be given?
Must one work to gain trust and respect? 
Or is it something you either get from a person or do not?
like the rejection of his bahu  by the stubborn father of kabhi kushi kabhi gam
or like Scrooge's mistrust of Christmas vacations in Charles Dickens
or like Hitler and the Jews
what do you think? Is respect and trust. to be won or to be given?

This is the season of love. A season of pink hearts and chocolates and ribbons
A season of respect and trust
May you have overwhelming love and friendship in your life
Happy Valentine's Day

The abundant love that you give me....makes my life.

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