Thursday, May 6, 2010

I finally did it……

I went and bought a kitchen fan. Plugged it in. switched it on. And cool air filled the room.

Last June we shifted from a city that hovers between rain and more rain to a city that hovers between heat and more heat. And you can imagine…
I simply hated going into the kitchen. That room has no AC, it has a pot steaming, a hot tava and a load of vegetables to cut. I could have opted for a cook. But… I like cooking…so that was not an acceptable alternative.
I knew a fan would solve the problem. I knew where I could get one. It was not as if there was going to be a big drain on the pocket or anything like that. Why then did I wait for a year before investing in one?
Do you do that too?
Think a lot. Think again. Decide what you need to do. And then not do it
Height of stupidity. eh?
It’s not enough if we decide. Right?
The essence is in translating the thought into action.
Like Nike says: just do it.

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  1. hehe. am sure there are mannny people who want a fan in the kitchen and dont have it!! should buy one for the loo also!!! hehehehe :)


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