Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day

About the bundle of contradictions called Mom

This Year Mother's Day is on May 8th.
I recall that once Achu had sent this huuuge basket of flowers to office. I was thinking God what a lot of trouble and expense she has incurred...
But the day turned out so different. Colleagues stopped at my desk to admire the flowers. A few graphic-designers had not heard of Mothers Day and liked the concept. They called home just to say Hi to Mom. One of them took home a cotton saree. Another took his mom to her favourite temple.

A Pink carnation
 Some are this and some are that

Funny, forgiving, fretful
Embarrassing, exasperating, eager
Silly, stylish, sweet
Curious, caring, or quite disinterested
Some are this and some are that
Mothers are all this and more!!! (Only to our kids)
My mom is
and so am I 

I have never wished my amma happy-mothers day. It really seems so strange to do that. My amma is now far away from the country of her birth, a country in which she spent seven decades. She is enjoying a peaceful life in her son's house in the US. There is really not much she can do to help around the house...not many people she knows there ... not many guests who drop in ...but she tries to be occupied. She has taught us to face facts. She has taught us to be ruthlessly honest...for finally truth saves.

This is a baby sweater she has just completed. It is for a grand-niece she has not yet seen. The photo is taken by my brother's daughter Vibha.

hand knitted baby sweater
Anna Jarvis in 1908 suggested that the Second Sunday of May every year should be Mothers Day - a day to celebrate our Mothers. A coloured carnation is worn to show that she is alive and a white one to show that she is no more.

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