Saturday, May 28, 2011

we saw what you did

I am back
Have been so caught up with myself that I couldn't blog. that is so bad.
but do keep reading me
yesterday I watched this seeta-kalyanam program on TV in the channel shankara. The prog ran for 40 minutes. The camera person has shot the audience just once. and the editing person used the same audience clip once every 7 minutes to add variety to the otherwise purely on stage activities.
There was this lady in a bright blue saree who peered into her mobile and read-typed in-and sent a message.
So every seven minutes while all others seemed engrossed in the Seeta Kalyanam here was this lady in a blue saree ignoring all else, and peering into her mobile!!

there is a gentlemen who we always only at the bangalore matter whether we are flying in or flying out! does he live there? maybe he thinks we do???

Four years back I met a lady when I was going thru some real health problems. Even to this day, whenever we meet she asks me ... how is your health now!! huh?

is that called branding?
doesnt it happen all the time? one meeting, one mail, one goof up, one monotonous conversation and we are ready to form permanent assessments.

may be thats why they say
this moment
is what we have to show the world what we are?

aaah! toooo much

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