Monday, August 1, 2011

Be there fifteen minutes before time

All set for an interview
suited and booted; draped and pinned

Amma's sarees are out for inspection. So old fashioned. She should have a more young look.
We can buy a nice and decent salwar kameez ... this will show them that we are modern thinking but value traditions too.
What will you say if they ask you, do you want to work after marriage?
Did you see how I made the burfis? Tell them you made it.
Do you remember any song completely? Practice properly.
Ask Beena Masi to tie your hair. She does it well.
Put out some intelligent books on the table, ... will make us look smart you know.
And that sunset painting. I will cello-tape that on the cupboard door. Our girl is talented. let them see.

a big rangoli at the entrance

I feel like that. The interview is on 3rd.


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