Friday, August 12, 2011

Bamboo Song

This song to the bamboo plant is put up at Janapada Loka near Bangalore.

I liked it so much i have translated it for you. Perhaps many of you enjoy Kannada but cannot read it. So here is Kannada in English! Do be kind to my attempts to translate it.

bamboo song

Bidaramma thai kele, neenaari-galladavaley?  
Huttutta hullu aadey, bele-yutta bidiru aadey, Bettaada kelagey iddey, adarudda beladey. 
Ranga-nigey kolalu aadey, kanda-nigey thottalu aadey, Aaduva makkaligey oduva kudurey aadey. 
Maduve-ya handarakke, chapparada kolu aadey, Mai-dumbuva kunuthakkey nandeeya kol-adey. 
Atte-maney soseya-rige beesuva kukkey-aadey, Muttaidey makkaligey bhagana moragal-aadey. 
Aadu kayo makkaligey sene yemba javali aadey, Kaalugalu koodi idalu katteeda kanaja vaadey. 
Oorooru sooru aadey, koorigeya kolave aadey, Muppaina mudukarigey oorambo donne-yaadey, 
Ambiganigey huttu aadey, myadarnigey butti aadey, Hattuvavarigey eni aadey, sattavarigey chattavadey.

Bamboo my mama dear, a friend you are of all.

At birth mere grass, mature - you are a wicker;
You start at foot-hill and are as tall as one when bigger!
Flute to Lord Krishna, a cradle for baby,
For playful kids you are a gallopping pony.
At busy weddings the revered awning prop,
For mesmerizing dancers you are the kolu with Nandi on top.
Busy daughters-in-law see the basket in you,
Adorned wifes find auspicious gifts in you.
Goatherds and shepherds use you as staff,
You hold a supply of grain as store-bin and vat
For kitchen and bath fires you are the blow pipe,
You are the strong support for men weak and ripe
The strong oar of a boatsman, when woven you're a basket,
For the climber – a ladder, for the dead you are – a pier.

Bamboo my mama dear, a friend you are of all.


We get so preoccupied with English we forget to relish our own language. Tell me, did u enjoy this one?

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