Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Independence Day

Everybody has a birthday and so too does my country. It is truly a BIRTHday, for before this day we were a collection of many kingdoms believing in the same Gods and observing similar festivals in differing rituals. But the day the Tricolour was triumphantly hoisted from the ramparts of the Red-Fort in 1947, we became a new born country.
So happy birthday India.
So today, let us make it feel good. We shall sing songs in praise. We shall highlight its glorious achievements. We shall feel proud to be kins of its heroic sons and daughters. We shall prepare a happy feast. We shall laugh and dance.
For once let us forgive ourselves Dhoni and his team's defeat, the falling sensex, the soaring scams, the tumble of our demi-gods, and the squalour of the roadsides...
It's time to bury the report-card under a pile of folded towels, to cover the dark circles with make-up, wear dazzling jhumkas, slip into a sequinned dress, and step down the staiway into the hall with panache.
Come On India. We love you. No matter what.
Happy Birthday.

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  1. Agreed! And a very happy birthday to our frustratingly mad but loveable natiom.



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