Thursday, December 1, 2011

El Camino Real and the Bells

It happens only in America
We are on US Highway 101 on the way back to San Jose from LA. This route is a fast drive and also a picturesque one for it also goes next to the sea for a short time.

LA to San Jose

So unlike Interstate 5 or 1, this route allows you to have the cake and eat it too!!!

A farm on Us Highway 101

We are moving at close to 80 mph. Conversation in the car is limited to:
One more is ...CLICK!
Did you get it? Show me

O, There is one more. ... O no, missed it.
Heyyy! One more. Got it?
We are trying to capture a good picture of the Historic Bell. Here are some of our attempts...

Until my nephew A gets the perfect shot. Well, we are moving at 80 mph  remember??!

El Camino Real Historic Bell

These are The EL CAMINO REAL bells. You say Al Kam-eeno Ree-aaa-l, Spanish for - The King's Highway. From horse/mule carts to cars with horsepower, this route has seen it all!! It's been in existence since1821. It goes from San Diego in South California to San Francisco in North California.
Don't miss:      The heavy iron El Camino Real bell - the engraved wordings  - the curve of the Franciscan Walking Stick (very beautiful) - the heavy concrete base.

These bells were placed on that mud track to show the route from one mission or presidium or pueblo to the next one.  The bells have been re-created to replicate the original. These new bells are in place since 1902 and have been renewed and maintained since.

Their website tells me that in June 2011, a sum of $161,000 is approved to make and install 40 bells on highway 101 -

That is love of history for you. Hotte gey hittu illa juttige mallige hoovu???

There are many historical routes in India too. I would like to preserve and celebrate the path of the Dandi March. Can you think of more?
that we can mark this way and preserve and celebrate for the future...

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