Friday, December 9, 2011

Catch attention

Six ways to catch the attention
of your boss, crush, spouse, neighbour, publisher, shopkeeper ...

1. Be patient - Accept your lot. Look if I can stand on my head and still run the show, you can too.

WonderWorks amusement at Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

2. Smile and laugh and get involved - I did not mean to get involved with that iceberg so deeply... just shows, we need to keep within limits!

Titanic building, Gatlinburg.
Doesn't that car look like its gaping ... open mouthed??!

3. Just be yourself -  People love me, cracks and all, they'll love you too ...

Ripley's at Pigeon forge

4. Be humble - Come into my parlour ... I swear I will dote ON you. I am just hanging around ... waiting to serve

Halloween decorations - Gatlinburg

5. Be outstanding - I know ... I am jutting out and all that. But hey, That's not the way I meant it. And did you notice? I catch the sun - dawn to noon to set

Downtown Chicago

6. Stand tall and be counted - It's nice and windy here, and the view is good too!

Willis Tower, Chicago

7. Be real - I forget that people may be watching. It's a lot easier to be, than to pretend.

Chinese restaurant at San Francisco 

Did you like this post? It's not my usual. But I thought I have been mighty clever. eh?


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