Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ragi balls

I am writing something on Ghana and liked to research on some everyday meals made in Ghana homes. and came across this dish called Fufu. in a fabulous blog about 26 meals.
Fufu is a a pasty thick creation made of cassava flour. The way to eat it is this.....- wet your fingers. take a small ball of fufu. make a small depression in the fufu ball. scoop up gravy into it. stuff gravy and fufu into mouth.....swallow fufu and gravy without actually chewing the fufu.

that bears striking similarity to our own ragi mudde. i mean the method of eating!

I suppose in so many way we all are similar. Just that we do not know.
these pictures are not mine. i dont do make ragi mudde but they never shape so well! and i have never see fufu.but i would like to visit Ghana. yes i do

ragi mudde


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