Thursday, March 1, 2012

All cats are grey in the dark

Beauty and physical appearance is given way too much thought space ... much more than it deserves.
Stunning looks knock us down..........other sadder looks put us off
but the sway of looks can be only temporary. Finally it is the performance that counts
so while selecting
a chauffeur ... a cook
a secretary ... a spouse
a sofa set ... a cell phone ... a house
All cats are grey in the dark
It is the stuff inside that really calls the shots.

We had been to Zangoora the dance-drama-theatre show in Gurgaon. All actors boogied on to the stage and took positions. The stage was dark. We saw only mingling silhouettes. We watched, mildly curious.The spot lights came on. The lead actor Hussain,  a familiar face on TV, spread his arms wide Shahrukh style... and the discerning audience gasped. Is it he?? We watched with renewed vigour.
All cats are grey in the dark.
But who wants to be the grey cat? We work, we entertain, we dress and we pray only so that we do not remain grey cats. That is what all the strife and struggle is all about.

I have used the proverb in two different ways. Both imply that it is the stuff inside that counts.
The first way of using it is the traditional one. This is the way Benjamin Franklin used it in his absolutely stunning letter to his friend ... urging him to choose between an old woman and a wife!

The second is what I have seen in the more recent books. 


  1. A real nice post .........
    The first is how we should choose or buy. The second way is how we would rather present ourselves or buy.

    1. @arnab, thank you. It is also nice to be the spotlight ... that turns grey cats into white - orange - yellow cats!


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