Sunday, March 18, 2012

No time mama, I'm loading the bus with cars

I like it that he has no time to come to the phone
I like it that his cars mean more to him than anything else
I like it that he can Whack the baseball
I like it that he defeats me in virtual table tennis and dissolves into peals of laughter

Dear grandson - It is your birthday today. I have made sabudana kheer... that your mom called gulle payasa ... the bubble pudding! I have placed it before Lord Ganesh and sought his blessings.
We are sending you loads of love and blessings.

This reminds me of the story of Tenali Rama the court wit and jester and Sri Krishnadevaraya - the emperor. One day the king sat on his throne, put a leg on leg, took a deep breath, looked at the ministers of his court and asked -
Wise men, tell me what must be done to the legs that kick me and the hands that slap me?
the wise men were appalled. What? they murmured
who has the audacity, the temerity, the impudence to kick you, slap you??
Chain him, beat him, banish him they said ... not pausing for breath
falling over each other to win the king's applause
then Tenali Rama the wit said, put tinkling anklets on his feet and gold bracelets on his wrists. For great Emperor ... This must be ... your little son.

and if 
dear reader
your loved one 
has a birthday today 
and you are far 
this payasa 
is in celebration 
of that birthday too
for good words
and good thoughts
have great power.

Sabudana  Payasa


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